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Sharon has been one of the most helpful massage therapists that I have ever been to. I first started going to Sharon about 2 years ago because of having chronic sciatica for 15 years or so and got relief my first visit! I now go monthly to keep it under control.
Recently I had plantar fasciitis that showed up on a Sunday and I went to her the next day. I did not want to wait to see if it got better because I knew she could help and I was going away for a month of x-country skiing. I did all that she recommended and I have had no pain skiing or walking! Thank you Sharon!
Sharon's expertise in therapeutic massage has been so helpful for me that I recommend her to anyone who needs any type of massage therapy!



I've been receiving both Massage & CranioSacral Therapy for over 2 years at Stillpoint Therapy Center and I always feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a session. I have chronic back problems, and with Sharon I feel immediate relief that is long-lasting. Sharon is able to target problem areas that I may not realize are contributing to my pain and tension. At Stillpoint Therapy Center, I know I will be treated with kindness and true concern for whatever issues my body might be having. I highly recommend giving Sharon a call today!

~Denise M. (38) Bethlehem


 I have been going to Stillpoint for more than 14 years, on a monthly basis,

under both the prior owner, and since Sharon took over the Center.

She has excellent 'Muscle Memory", remembering from visit to visit

how my body was and noticing any changes.  I always feel totally

relaxed after a session, and to summarize my post-session state of being:

"I feel like a pat of butter in the microwave"

Male, 65



I am very happy with my massage treatments since going to Stillpoint therapy center for over a year. Having a monthly checkup has made my life much better with less pain and more time to do the activities that I enjoy. STC/Sharon addresses my problems effectively and I always leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I receive a sports/deep tissue massage that typically focuses on arms/shoulders/neck and back. Having a long daily commute, I feel this has greatly helped my posture and reduced previous pains. The monthly interval works great for me.


My name is Dana and I have been coming to see Sharon at Stillpoint for almost 10 years.  I got started because I was having trouble with my hips, in addition to stress in my shoulders.  The main problem being my hips.  I had constant pain, so off to the doctor I went. After pills and an X-ray he told me there was nothing wrong that he could find.  Frustrated, I went searching for other help at the local health food store where I was given Sharon's card and here I am. Sharon worked on my hips and said the muscles were so tight that it was amazing that I could even walk.  After a couple of sessions I was like new. After that I vowed to return once a month for my personal health and to avoid getting back into that same situation. Coming to Sharon is the best thing I do for myself and keeps me going pain free: hips, shoulders and all.


Sharon has been my massage therapist for almost 8 years and I haven’t found anyone else who is as sensitive to her client's needs. I don't share this lightly - I have been receiving massage therapy as a regular part of my own health maintenance following a lower back injury in 1996. She readily intuits what techniques will best treat my ailments as well as what is best for my mind-body-spirit connection. She has been helping me as I complete my PhD program by combining therapies such as deep tissue work, swedish massage for relaxation, CranioSacral, and Reiki as needed. But Sharon is also talented at treating acute conditions. After a difficult surgery last year she helped me all during recovery and months of healing. She provided excellent care by communicating thoroughly from her experience as well as listening to me so that we could develop a plan of action to help me heal at my own pace. For the most part I schedule 1.5 hour appointments of mixed modalities - though she has done as little as 45 minutes of Cranio-Sacral therapy which helps greatly with both stress and concentration. Perhaps you can imagine what long hours of typing and research - as well as the emotional rigors of graduate school - can do to a body. I can't imagine coming this far without her help. Since moving out of the area I have tried other therapists but haven't found anyone as gifted as Sharon. I drive over an hour for my appointments because she is that good at what she does!



Sharon has "magic" fingers to work on the parts of your body that need to be unkinked.

Marian W.


Over the years, I have had many massages, but none compare to the massages Sharon gives. She is very skilled and knowledgeable and seems to know just where your body needs her hands.  I can't recommend her enough -- what are you waiting for?

D., female age 57



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